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We have worked with a number of on-line vendors to help provide you with the best service, products and prices. Our goal isn’t to sell you products, it’s to promote adventure racing and endurance sports. However, every athlete needs certain tools to accomplish their goal. That’s why we’ve picked products we know and use. Products that we count on when we really need them.

We will be adding more products and more product lines as soon as we can. Our product selection comes from our own experience and from the recommendations of other athletes. We don’t have a desire to hunt up every outdoor product, just the ones people need for training and racing. Additionally, we have no commitment to any vendor. We look for the best customer service, prices and selection. If there is a product you want and we don’t have it, send us an email and we will try to get it. MAIL US HERE. If you would like to write a gear review, good or bad, let us know, we are always happy to post it.

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